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    Archive for the ‘15 Passenger Van Rental’ Category

    Features of Rent a Van for Political Campaign

    • Posted by : admin
    • Dated : February 02, 2014
    • Comments: Comments Off on Features of Rent a Van for Political Campaign

    Features of Rent a Van for Political Campaign During a political campaign, the busiest people are those candidates, their campaign staff members, and the staff of rent a van companies. Surely, you will also be wondering about that and the connection between these rental companies in a political campaign. The connection is simple, rent a van services are being utilized for political campaigns. And during these times, lots of candidates are utilizing this service to help them transport their staffs in different areas in order to do campaign and also in transporting and delivering supplies and equipment. Van rentals are typically utilized because of the benefits that candidates can gain from and also because of the features that it has. These features include comfort, space, and reliability. These are just some of the things that are needed by campaigners in order to fulfill their task and responsibility. Once the staff members entered the van after a tiring campaigning area in a particular are, they will automatically feel comfortable enabling them to rest while going to their next destination. Space is also an important factor since when campaigning there will be lots of staffs which will need to be transported from

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    • Posted by : admin
    • Dated : January 01, 2014
    • Comments: Comments Off on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fashion week is Feb 6th-13th in NYC. Rent A Sprinter rents mercedes sprinter vans to many lines that will exhibit their work in fashion week this year. Mercedes is sponsoring the event this year. We have 12 & 15 passenger luxury van available. please give us a call at (718)525-7070

    Get the Most Affordable Van Rentals

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on Get the Most Affordable Van Rentals

    Get the Most Affordable Van Rentals Vacation areas and airports are the common places where 15 passenger vans can be rented. Car rentals are everywhere that offers various rates and cars. A 15 passenger van rental is often rented by a group of people consisting of 15 persons. There are some car rental companies that offer a 15 passenger car van. Car rentals offer numerous benefits and advantages to many people. Rented cars are an essential help for incoming or outgoing individuals from airports and any other crowded places. offers 15 passenger van rental for the convenience of their clients. They provide great interior designs in their Sprinter Passenger Van for their clients to have a peaceful journey. Their 15 passenger van rental has a Black on Black Mercedes-Benz interior and exterior design. It also has captain chairs or bench row seating available for their clients. Almost 6’3” headroom standing clearance is guaranteed. Their diesel engine is a BluTec with tinted privacy windows for security purposes. They also offer entertainment with their 20-inch TV/DVD player and plenty of luggage area. Spacious cabin is guaranteed and access to Wi-Fi is also given. Foods can be placed into the fridge once

    15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : August 08, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on 15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation

    15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation An affordable and reliable 15 passenger van rental is not that hard to find. There are various kinds and types of passenger van that can suit your standards and demands. The 15 passenger rental offered by Rent a Sprinter can give you the best variety of accommodation you can get with the high class commodity it offers. Rent a Sprinter provides an affordable state-of-the-art 15 passenger van rental. The passenger van can accommodate 15 passengers and the luggage will be placed in the van’s compartment without compromising hassles and discomfort for passengers. Having a comfortable space for every passenger is guaranteed by Rent a Sprinter. The amenities also include TV/DVD entertainment sets for the passenger to enjoy and have fun. Tinted windows are also installed to the 15 passenger van to provide their passengers with the privacy they need. The 15 passenger rental is very cheap considering the capacity that it can accommodate plus the spacious luggage compartment compared to other vehicles that mess up luggage and cannot accommodate numerous numbers of passengers. You are deemed to travel in style and with comfort with the high tech engines that run the 15 passenger van of