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    Archive for the ‘Sprinter Van Rental’ Category

    What Is A Sprinter Van?

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on What Is A Sprinter Van?

    What Is A Sprinter Van? A Sprinter van is a transport vehicle that is utilized throughout most of Europe, South American and the United States. A Sprinter van rental comes in various configurations. It is available as a 4-door minivan, a 2-ddor pickup, a 4-door cab as well as a 4-door minibus. The van can be defined with a wide body and a low center of gravity. This allows for better maneuverability while at the same time still keeping its cargo carrying capacity. The enhanced cargo space is high enough for an average adult to stand tall inside with no problems. A Sprinter van rental can carry a capacity of close to 3,000 pounds without putting any strain on the engine. The van is about 200 inches long and close to 100 inches high. The standard color on these vans is Arctic White. Most people will enjoy a Sprinter van rental for various reasons. Some people will rent one for vacations if they have a rather large family and want extra stretching and cargo room. Some folks rent these vans for specials occasions such as a wedding or prom. The benefits of a Sprinter van rental are speed and maneuverability. These are two features that many people do not expect from such a

    15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : August 08, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on 15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation

    15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation An affordable and reliable 15 passenger van rental is not that hard to find. There are various kinds and types of passenger van that can suit your standards and demands. The 15 passenger rental offered by Rent a Sprinter can give you the best variety of accommodation you can get with the high class commodity it offers. Rent a Sprinter provides an affordable state-of-the-art 15 passenger van rental. The passenger van can accommodate 15 passengers and the luggage will be placed in the van’s compartment without compromising hassles and discomfort for passengers. Having a comfortable space for every passenger is guaranteed by Rent a Sprinter. The amenities also include TV/DVD entertainment sets for the passenger to enjoy and have fun. Tinted windows are also installed to the 15 passenger van to provide their passengers with the privacy they need. The 15 passenger rental is very cheap considering the capacity that it can accommodate plus the spacious luggage compartment compared to other vehicles that mess up luggage and cannot accommodate numerous numbers of passengers. You are deemed to travel in style and with comfort with the high tech engines that run the 15 passenger van of

    Tips on How to Rent a Sprinter Van

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : February 02, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on Tips on How to Rent a Sprinter Van

    Tips on How to Rent a Sprinter Van In this era of modernization, newly invented sprinter vehicles or vans are available for everyone. These vehicles can be paid for rent and used in different locations. Depending on the agreement of the owner, you may rent a sprinter at reasonable costs. If you are interested to rent a van for your family or friends, you have to look for the rental agencies that are easy to deal with. There are some agencies that offer rent a sprinter van services with definite hours, days or weeks. Some of them are also very strict while others are not. Instead of visiting one agency to another, you can also ask for a reservation via online. In asking reservation online, make sure that you favourably have it. Know their policies and other considerations to ensure that you have a perfect renting deal. As advised, take time to check the van that you want to rent, most especially the passenger capacity. You also need to see the features of the van. Before dealing with any agency, it is a must to compare its renting charges to others. In renting an ideal van, it doesn’t mean that

    Why Choose Sprinter Van Rental for Touring?

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2012
    • Comments: Comments Off on Why Choose Sprinter Van Rental for Touring?

    Why Choose Sprinter Van Rental for Touring? It is not possible for any vehicle to be ideal for long trips. If you are planning to have a tour with your family, Sprinter van rental for touring is the best choice. This is because this vehicle is designed for long trips. They have a staying power and the performance that can be very ideal for this activity. When you go for long trips all you want aside from a safety of you and your loved ones is the comfort. This is not possible if you have a small vehicle, crowded vehicle makes it not good for long drives because people will feel discomfort and body ache while on the road. Sprinter car rental is very spacious, which is a nice choice for big size families. Sprinter van rental is big enough for the people inside the van to feel comfortable and relaxed while on the road. One of the best features of sprinter van is the comfortable chair, it is ideal for long drives. If the vehicle does have a comfy chair, everyone will feel homey while on the trip. As there are several types of sprinter van rental option, it

    Choosing the Ideal Sprinter Van Rental for Company Conference

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2012
    • Comments: Comments Off on Choosing the Ideal Sprinter Van Rental for Company Conference

    Choosing the Ideal Sprinter Van Rental for Company Conference What if you are assigned by your boss to arrange the transportation for an outdoor company conference? Then, he directed you to choose a transportation that will keep the people comfortable on the trip. Sprinter van rental is the best choice. Yes, you heard it right, sprinter van is not just applicable for family affair trips they are also ideal for company conference transportation. Not all companies have a private transportation, so renting a van is the best choice. As there are a lot of Sprinter van rental providers out there, it is very significant if you will consider some factors first. This is important in order for the passenger to feel comfortable while on the trip. The outdoor company conference is also equivalent to bonding of employees outdoor. Make sure to check the actual sprinter van rental that the company will have to lease. There are 10 seater and there are 15 seater available, then check if it is enough for the whole team. Make sure that the seats are soft and comfy as well. Even though, sprinter van rental is cheap and affordable, it is still great if you

    Rent a Sprinter and Its Great Factors

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2012
    • Comments: Comments Off on Rent a Sprinter and Its Great Factors

    Rent a Sprinter and Its Great Factors Knowledge on how to rent a sprinter van plays a vital role for all users. Some vehicles may be suited for you, while for others are not. If you are looking for the best van to rent, you should know its few considerations. Renting a sprinter van requires an ample time and effort. Once you find one, it doesn’t mean that you will get it in an instant. You should know if that van fits to your needs and preferences. Depending on your needs, some sprinter vans have a medium size, while others are quite huge. Whether you are searching for any type, it is best to check its features. The best way of examining the sprinter van is through checking its performance, specifications, interior and exterior designs. Since you are using this vehicle, you should consider its effects. To rent a sprinter van, it is best to browse your computer. In just a few clicks, you can easily find the best style and model you prefer. Another factor that you need to consider is the capacity of the van. If you have a group of friends with more than 10, choosing a