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    What Is A Sprinter Van?

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2013
    • Comments Off on What Is A Sprinter Van?

    What Is A Sprinter Van?

    A Sprinter van is a transport vehicle that is utilized throughout most of Europe, South American and the United States. A Sprinter van rental comes in various configurations. It is available as a 4-door minivan, a 2-ddor pickup, a 4-door cab as well as a 4-door minibus. The van can be defined with a wide body and a low center of gravity. This allows for better maneuverability while at the same time still keeping its cargo carrying capacity. The enhanced cargo space is high enough for an average adult to stand tall inside with no problems.

    A Sprinter van rental can carry a capacity of close to 3,000 pounds without putting any strain on the engine. The van is about 200 inches long and close to 100 inches high. The standard color on these vans is Arctic White. Most people will enjoy a Sprinter van rental for various reasons. Some people will rent one for vacations if they have a rather large family and want extra stretching and cargo room. Some folks rent these vans for specials occasions such as a wedding or prom.

    The benefits of a Sprinter van rental are speed and maneuverability. These are two features that many people do not expect from such a large vehicle, however. Another great feature of the Sprinter van is the fuel efficiency. Other vehicles in this class get around 16 miles to the gallon but the Sprinter gets close to 24 miles to the gallon because they run on diesel gasThis makes for a very economical vehicle.