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    What Is A Sprinter Van?

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on What Is A Sprinter Van?

    What Is A Sprinter Van? A Sprinter van is a transport vehicle that is utilized throughout most of Europe, South American and the United States. A Sprinter van rental comes in various configurations. It is available as a 4-door minivan, a 2-ddor pickup, a 4-door cab as well as a 4-door minibus. The van can be defined with a wide body and a low center of gravity. This allows for better maneuverability while at the same time still keeping its cargo carrying capacity. The enhanced cargo space is high enough for an average adult to stand tall inside with no problems. A Sprinter van rental can carry a capacity of close to 3,000 pounds without putting any strain on the engine. The van is about 200 inches long and close to 100 inches high. The standard color on these vans is Arctic White. Most people will enjoy a Sprinter van rental for various reasons. Some people will rent one for vacations if they have a rather large family and want extra stretching and cargo room. Some folks rent these vans for specials occasions such as a wedding or prom. The benefits of a Sprinter van rental are speed and maneuverability. These are two features that many people do not expect from such a

    Step-by-Step on How to Rent a Sprinter

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on Step-by-Step on How to Rent a Sprinter

    Step-by-Step on How to Rent a Sprinter A lot of people prefer to rent a sprinter instead of buying. This can save enough money, especially when they seldom use the vehicle. If you desire to have this sprinter van for your special occasion, then recognizing its step-by-step procedures is a must. The rentals of vans often vary depending on its type, model and rental company. Its rates start as low as $125 up to $170 per day. If you do not know how to rent a sprinter van, here are some of its guides: Step 1: Find a Renting Agency and Make a Reservation One way of finding a renting agency is through browsing a yellow page. You can also scan your computer or simply ask some recommendations from your friends, relatives and family members. As soon as you find a reliable agency, ask for an immediate reservation. Step 2: Prepare Your Driver’s License and Fill out the Rental Contract Every car renting company asks a driver’s license. Sometimes, they reject young drivers for security purposes. If you are qualified to rent a sprinter van, all you have to do is fill out the rental contract. Before signing, take time

    Get the Most Affordable Van Rentals

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on Get the Most Affordable Van Rentals

    Get the Most Affordable Van Rentals Vacation areas and airports are the common places where 15 passenger vans can be rented. Car rentals are everywhere that offers various rates and cars. A 15 passenger van rental is often rented by a group of people consisting of 15 persons. There are some car rental companies that offer a 15 passenger car van. Car rentals offer numerous benefits and advantages to many people. Rented cars are an essential help for incoming or outgoing individuals from airports and any other crowded places. offers 15 passenger van rental for the convenience of their clients. They provide great interior designs in their Sprinter Passenger Van for their clients to have a peaceful journey. Their 15 passenger van rental has a Black on Black Mercedes-Benz interior and exterior design. It also has captain chairs or bench row seating available for their clients. Almost 6’3” headroom standing clearance is guaranteed. Their diesel engine is a BluTec with tinted privacy windows for security purposes. They also offer entertainment with their 20-inch TV/DVD player and plenty of luggage area. Spacious cabin is guaranteed and access to Wi-Fi is also given. Foods can be placed into the fridge once

    Musician Van Rental

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : November 11, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on Musician Van Rental

    If you are a musician or a member of a touring band, you are probably having issues with regards to the source of transportation that your group will be utilizing whenever you are scheduled to take a tour. For some touring bands, especially to those that are already long performing in the field might find that as an issue at all. But for those who are just starting and does not have funds to buy the group with a tour van, the rent a van service might prove to be an advantage for them. Rent a van is a sure means in transporting touring bands to their destination but other than, there are still other reasons why most touring bands prefers to utilize this service. One of the major reasons why rent a van has become a common means of service for touring bands and musicians is the fact that it can provide them comfortable trips. The group can literally bring everything that will make them comfortable during the trip. In fact, there are vans that are designed for the exact usage of musicians and touring bands. Vans for touring bands are equipped with entertainment system which will truly make

    15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : August 08, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on 15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation

    15 Passenger Van Rental Accommodation An affordable and reliable 15 passenger van rental is not that hard to find. There are various kinds and types of passenger van that can suit your standards and demands. The 15 passenger rental offered by Rent a Sprinter can give you the best variety of accommodation you can get with the high class commodity it offers. Rent a Sprinter provides an affordable state-of-the-art 15 passenger van rental. The passenger van can accommodate 15 passengers and the luggage will be placed in the van’s compartment without compromising hassles and discomfort for passengers. Having a comfortable space for every passenger is guaranteed by Rent a Sprinter. The amenities also include TV/DVD entertainment sets for the passenger to enjoy and have fun. Tinted windows are also installed to the 15 passenger van to provide their passengers with the privacy they need. The 15 passenger rental is very cheap considering the capacity that it can accommodate plus the spacious luggage compartment compared to other vehicles that mess up luggage and cannot accommodate numerous numbers of passengers. You are deemed to travel in style and with comfort with the high tech engines that run the 15 passenger van of

    Benefits of Using Rent a Sprinter Van with Political Campaigns

    • Posted by : addone
    • Dated : June 06, 2013
    • Comments: Comments Off on Benefits of Using Rent a Sprinter Van with Political Campaigns

    Benefits of Using Rent a Sprinter Van with Political Campaigns When election season comes, politicians will start their own political campaigns and even rent a van to reach out to their constituents. There are many benefits that politicians can get when they choose to rent a van and use it to roam around different places where they plan to reach out with people. One of the specific benefits that a politician can get is that, his supporters are going to make use of a moving advertisement that can be seen by voters in different places. It is also be the best option that politicians can have when roaming around a particular place to let people become aware that they are one of the candidates running for a certain position. Aside from the fact that political campaigns should be as strategic as possible, to rent a van will help politicians use the van as an advertising tool to tell about their candidacy. This way, people whom the van will pass along will easily recognize their faces and even take note of the name of the candidate. Politicians should be aware of the benefits that they can have from a moving advertisement